Erazer ‘Less Passion More Robot’ - Album Review

Manchester band Erazer formed in 2010 and released their first album ‘Less Passion More Robot” in the summer of 2011. They have managed to get airplay in countries all over the world and this has pushed them to the top of Reverb Nation’s Manchester Hard Rock chart. The album is a blend of soft blues with a tinge of progressive rock, tracks like ‘Time to Change’, ‘Still By Your Side’, ‘Lost in Time’ and ‘Suckerpunch’ are full of raw powerful energy and could rival so many hard rock bands currently frequenting our airwaves.  A slower tempo track on the album ‘Haunted’ is one of my favourite, it builds through some solid drums and aggressive guitar riffs a real showcase of the guys sound.

Overall a solid well produced album, to say they did it in a DIY studio is a testament to their talent as musicians, I hope they get a tour together soon…check them out promoters!

By Anne Goldsbrough

Track listing

1.       Time to Change

2.       Been Around

3.       Set Me Free

4.       Haunted

5.       Lost Time

6.       Still By Your Side (Single)

7.       Never Mine

8.       Taken

9.       Sucker Punch

10.   The Dark

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